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miryamMiryam Silvana Martínez Videlalogo asociacion paisajistas
Architect – National University of San Juan - Argentina
Master in landscaping, gardening and public space
Member of the Spanish Association of Landscaping

“Gardens of Andalusia” – Magazine Proyect-Arq Nº8 - 2011
“The house orchard-garden in Spain” – Los Cármenes in Andalusia – Magazine Proyect-Arq Nº 12 – Año 2012
Each person has his garden and my role is to interpret that idea and materialize it.
More than twenty years of development in my profession, both in Argentine and Spain, have designed my work philosophy based on an regular customer contact. From the first idea, during the process of drawing and planning and up to the last detail, we are attentive and in touch with the customer to get the expected result and make the customer feel it´s his own project. The characteristic of the Mediterranean climate allow me to work with a wide plant palette, materializing various gardens styles that combine the wishes of its inhabitants and the landscape of the place, with a deep respect for plants and nature, and all we can learn about them.
My supervision is customized. It covers all stages of design, construction, renovation and maintenance of the garden, as I have a specialists team in all areas, including technical advice of phitosanitary care, pest control, preventive treatments and fertilization, to always have a healthy and attractive garden´s las áreas.conocenos


proyectoThe importance of putting together a design Project for your garden, gives us the assurance that we are taking steps in the same direction, we have clearly defined the ultimate goal either build it all once or in a stages, but we will always reach the desired garden. + info

Technical Advisory

asesoramientoIf you have your own gardening staff, we can provide you advice on the followings tasks:  fertilization, plant health (pest control, prevention plans and attack) and necessary care of the green areas. For this, we would do weekly, biweekly and/or monthly visits according to the needs of the garden. + info

Construction and Execution

construccionWe have highly trained personal and with experience to carry out your new project or reformation. We cover all stages, including the elements constructed as paths, fountain, ponds, gazebos, irrigation and lighting system.
We will build your garden following the guidelines of the project, we provide all plants directly from the producer. + info

Gardening Maintenance

consejo-jardineriaWe do all the necessary works to maintain green areas for individuals, hotels, communities, etc.jardineria
We care about your garden all year round even in summer houses
We have the technical and human resources to perform all maintenance, renovation and construction for new project.+ info

Contact Us

Miryam Silvana Martínez Vileda
Paisajista - Landscaper
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. +34 662 38 16 04

Marbella - Málaga (España)

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