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This project has two parts, one is the reform of the existing garden and the another one is the incorporation of the use of a large area of land currently unused.
The reform seeks a makeover, adding volume and height. Another of the premises is to obtain a balance between deciduous species and evergreen in order to have a green garden throughout the whole year.
We eliminate a large oleander hedge from the whole front of the house and a fence with dead creepers, replacing it with a flowerbed with lawn where we incorporated palm threes, so that the pedestrian and vehicular entrance of the house stand out with seasonal flower beds which provide color and joy.
The creepers of the fence are replaced by others that are green and with whole year flowering.
On the inside we frame the path leading to the entrance square of the house with palms trees, which provides volume and give a sense of warmth to the environment. Flower beds with seasonal flowers provide color throughout the year.
On the side the south side of the house that is unused and has sun all day, during the whole year, we built terraces for small vineyard, and above that, fruit threes. Bordering the perimeter fencing of the property, we planted in that sector a line of almond trees.

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Miryam Silvana Martínez Vileda
Paisajista - Landscaper
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Marbella - Málaga (España)

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