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The property is located near the beach in an exclusive area of Marbella. It has various glass terraces overlooking the Mediterranean and a large area for the garden, allowing us to reconcile the landscaping, the wishes of their owners to connect the interior of the house to nature, and take advantage of the great views to the outside.
The distribution of the garden spaces, are done by a set of rectangles and squares of hard material, and lawn that enhances the geometric forms, and to complete the composition, a solarium on wooden deck that surrounds the pool.
On the far end of the pool, facing the house, a water fountain with modern design, drains as a curtain and and overflows into the pool offering movement and sound. The lighting allows beautiful views from inside the house at night.
The plants on each wall are chosen based on their orientation according to the sunlight and the desired appearance. In some of them they have a form of rytme and with geometric shape, others are fully covered with creepers, which provide flowers and fragrance in different seasons.

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Miryam Silvana Martínez Vileda
Paisajista - Landscaper
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Tel. +34 662 38 16 04

Marbella - Málaga (España)

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